We are a team of seasoned engineers, designers, and product managers from some of the best-known companies in the private sector. We are joining forces with talented VA employees to make using VA services as simple as buying a book online.

Our Mission

To bring the full force of our experience and passion to transform the way technology works for Veterans and their families.

To achieve this we will:

  • Have the courage to tackle the hard problems
  • Make decisions based on the needs of our users, and data
  • Build simple and intuitive products
  • Enable modern, reliable, adaptable, and sustainable solutions

Our work is currently focused on:

  1. Improving the claims appeals process
  2. Building Vets.gov

Our Credo

Our primary responsibility is to those we serve — Veterans, their families, and those who care for them. Interacting with VA should be a positive experience. Digital products should be easy to use. The needs of people — not the constraints of internal systems — should drive our decisions.

We are responsible to our colleaguesVA employees are working hard to serve our nation’s Veterans. If we don’t serve them, we don’t serve Veterans.

We are responsible to the American people — the taxpayers who make our work possible. As we build modern products and systems we must increase efficiency and decrease cost. We must make technology at VA reliable, adaptable, responsive, scalable, and sustainable.

We are responsible to the VA — the institution that we support. As we attract talent from across industry to work beside top performers within VA, we must show that better results are possible, faster. Our partnerships must strengthen and empower people and teams within the VA, building internal capacity that is ready to tackle any challenge.

Join Us!

We need designers, engineers, product managers (not to be confused with project managers), and operations experts committed to untangling, rewiring, and redesigning our government.

We are especially looking for people with experience with:

  • Building high-performing engineering teams from scratch
  • Creating usable web applications
  • Migrating from legacy systems to modern infrastructure

When applying, you should focus on your accomplishments and experience in directly designing and developing digital services in your résumé (i.e. tell us about your projects, your role in them, and how their outcomes were measured).

Some specifics about the job:

  • Two year term appointment, maybe extendable up to four years
    (Current Federal employees: This is a Schedule A position. You have to re-compete for a position at the end of its term.)
  • Eligible to earn leave and generally have the same benefits as permanent government employees (including health, life insurance, within-grade increases, and Federal Employees Retirement System and Thrift Savings Plan coverage)
  • Your specific background, including current salary and years of experience, will ultimately determine your pay. U.S. Digital Service salaries are set in accordance with the General Schedule Pay Scale, which is capped at $160,300.
  • Background check is required
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