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VA Digital Service Handbook

Helping Veterans Affairs teams design, build, and launch great digital services that meet the Digital Standards for the Veteran-facing Services Platform.

Design modern, user-friendly digital services

Modern, user‑friendly digital services

The Digital Standards describe the quality standards for modern, user‑friendly digital services on the Veteran-facing Services Platform.

Agile, user-centered delivery

Agile, user‑centered delivery

The Digital Delivery Guide helps VA teams meet the Digital Standards by engaging with users and using best practices for agile delivery.

Veteran Affairs APIs

Veteran Affairs

Veteran Affairs APIs empower our partners to build innovative, Veteran‑centered, cutting edge solutions they can use to manage their care, services, and benefits.

Empowering VA teams to build digital services on the Veteran-facing Services Platform

We created this Handbook based on VA's experience with, as well as best practices from government digital services, government agencies, and the technology industry. It's a tool to help VA teams create the best possible user experience for people interacting with Veteran-facing digital services.

This Handbook provides direction for teams who want to build on the Veteran-facing Services Platform (the technologies and processes that support But we hope other VA teams find it useful when building their own digital services.

Work in progress

We're currently expanding and refining this Handbook.
We encourage you to adopt as much of it as possible and share your feedback.

Page last updated: October 23, 2018